Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hannaford bags for FoA!

Purchase these good deed bags at Hannaford on Hanover Street in Manchester and Friends of Art Manchester receives $1!
All of December 2017.
We are honored to have been chosen again this year :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NAP Awards at City Hall

Anthony Williams received 2nd place award in watercolor from the National Art Program. His paintings were displayed at City Hall in Manchester, NH.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Anthony Williams Eagle Project

Anthony Williams painted a 4-foot tall fiberglass eagle for Easter Seals for Veterans Count "Salute Our Soldiers" (SOS). The eagle is located at CMC Hospital until December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) where it will then be sent for auction with proceeds benefiting Veterans Count. Stop by to see it in person!

Photo by Kevin Nicoli.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Litchfield Lane murals

Painting is going well on the garage doors on Litchfield Lane in Manchester. This striking lion was painted by artist Christine Keenan.

Two paintings on one door. On the left an homage to Van Gogh by Linda Feinberg and on the right a painting by Ronnie Bourgeois. Title: Freedom.

This is an older painting that was refurbished by Deb Funk, Stephanie Byrd and Anthony Williams.

Our fearless leader, Anthony Williams, walked me further down the lane so I could take a photo of his older mural, "The old man of the mountain". It's still in good condition as is the next one.

This painting was organized by Anthony and many of the neighborhood kids worked on it. They signed their names on the right. It was painted in 2008.

It was sad to see so much graffiti on the garage doors and buildings there, but all the places where there were murals were not tagged and looked great.  Thanks to Eagle Eyes group and Anthony Williams for leading this project.

This is another older mural, painted by Deb Curtin, that is still in great condition.

Thanks to all the artists who participated in this project.  It is still ongoing and a few more murals will be up by the end of the summer.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Projects

The summer painting murals project has begun.  There are several garage doors available for painting on Litchfield Lane. Linda Feinberg, our former treasurer, who is about to leave for Idaho, completed this one, an homage to Van Gogh.  Anthony Williams, our Vice President has other garage doors already primed and waiting for the artists who signed up. Of course, the weather is a factor since we have to paint outdoors.

Anthony Williams completed his eagle for the Veterans Count project. Looks like Sylvester stayed out of the way long enough for Tony to paint.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer Art

Please contact our president, Stephanie Byrd if you are interested in doing a group booth.  We have a tent.

Anthony Williams is painting this eagle, sponsored by Easter Seals for the Veterans Count group. Sylvester was checking the eagle out before Anthony started painting.  He hopes to finish the painting this week and says it was more difficult than it looked.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

New work from our members

On a wintry spring day, it was great to receive these photos from Debbie Curtin. I asked our members to send in some new work and she was the first one to respond.  Debbie had prepared these paintings for a class she was going to teach, then her class was canceled due to snow.  I feel sorry for her students. These are great paintings to learn from. Thanks, Debbie for submitting. These paintings are done with exterior house paint on luan plywood sealed with polyacrylic.

Meanwhile, I was tired of painting landscapes and decided to have some fun with abstracts based on Chihuly's glass sculptures.  I had taken photos of his sculptures when they were on exhibit in Boston a few years ago. These are acrylic paintings on stretched canvas, 11" X 14", by Linda H. Feinberg.

If spring ever gets here to NH, we have several mural projects to work on, primarily garage doors on Litchfield Lane.  I am looking forward to that and have submitted a proposal based on another fun painting I did in a Van Gogh style.  There are many free videos online and I followed one to create this image.

I think this would look great on Litchfield Lane.  While I will be moving to Idaho at the end of the summer, this blog will continue.  You can submit your information to me as usual until I move, then to our president, Stephanie Byrd at any time.