Friday, June 21, 2013

Public Art

We are still pursuing the meters project as mentioned in the last blog post. We have six artists signed up and one alternate.  We are waiting for the meters to be primed and hope to complete this project within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile we are attracting new members, but have not received their information for posting yet.  Remember that when you sign up as a member, you get to put up 2-3 photos and 2-3 paragraphs about yourself and your art on this blog. The membership application is on the blog and you can print it out and send it in with a check. 

Contact Linda Feinberg, Treasurer, if you are interested in more information.

Here are some more ideas for public art.  The photo on left is of a sculpture made out of what looks like old parts.  New Hampshire has lots of old parts lying around, so I’m sure our local artists could come up with something interesting.

It wouldn’t have to be representational, like this horse. It could be abstract. If you haven’t visited the Currier Museum  lately, walk by and look at the outdoor art there.  Statue on left was seen in California.

How about painting utility boxes in Manchester? We would need to get permission from the city, but this would certainly improve those boring boxes.  Photos below were taken in Netanya, Israel.

All photos on this post are by Linda Feinberg.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New projects, interesting exhibits, useful blog links

We have been contacted by Alderman Pat Long (downtown Manchester alderman) to paint the “Spare Change” parking meters.  There are 6 meters to be painted.  All stickers will be removed and the meters will have a white primer.

The meters will need a square that is 3” X 3” for a label that says: 
Can You Spare Some Change
Thank You!
100% of the Proceeds to Benefit
New Horizons of New Hampshire

The Friends of Art Manchester name along with the artist name can go anywhere the artist wants. Since this is public art, the images would need to be appropriate for all ages (sorry, no nudes).

The meters weigh about 45 pounds each.  According to artist Anthony Williams, they would need oil based spray paint (Rustoleum). Mr. Long is willing to pay for the paint, or you could use your own paint. We are in the process of determining where and when the painting will take place. We have three artists definitely signed up for painting, two possible artists and would be happy to have one more, although one artist is willing to paint two meters.

Contact Linda Feinberg, Treasurer, if you are interested in painting a meter.


Going to Boston? Boston Sculptors Gallery exhibits on the Christian Science Plaza. This exhibit runs through October 31st, 200 Mass Ave.

Sculpture by Donna Dodson shown on left.

Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein also exhibit periodically in New Hampshire.

How about Hollis, NH? That’s a lot closer.

Windows, a showing of paintings by Ruth Weiner Harris. Reception is Sunday, June 23, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, but the paintings will be up to view until July 15th during library hours. This is in the Hollis Library.

Painting on right is by Ruth Weiner Harris.

In Manchester the annual student art exhibit is up at New Hampshire Institute of Art in three of their buildings.  The graduating students have their work up at 148 Concord Street, but you will need to hurry. The exhibit finishes June 19th.  You can park in their lot, or the Hartnett Lot (meters, or free parking after 5:30 p.m.) and you can walk to all three buildings. There is art in a variety of media. It is very inspiring to see what art students are creating.

Periodically, we will post information that is of interest to artists and art collectors.

Do you know how to hang a painting?  This article gives you details.
Red Dot Blog is a good resource for articles on art marketing as well as practical information for artists. This week’s post is by a guest and is about successfully marketing your art through art festivals.

Business blog by Barney Davey with good information for artists and marketing:

Finally, we are open to new members. There is an application at the link in the right column (under Friends of Art Links). We will be setting up a Paypal account this week, but you can also print and mail in your application with a check.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tell your story: author Joe Smiga

Joe Smiga began contemplating retirement in 2005, after working in the corporate world for 18 years and then owning his own sales business for over 24 years, he began to plan writing his first novel. Behind the Lies is the culmination of his military background before working in the business world and his ideas of how current events could possibly cause a major catastrophe in people’s lives. It was published in May of 2009. His second book, Tova: A Very Special Dog, is a true story which was published in May of 2010. His second novel, A Cowboy’s Vengeance, was published in August of 2010. His sequel to Behind the Lies, Gateway to Terror, was released in August of 2011.  Smiga’s memoir, What Keeps You Going?, was published in August of 2012. The last book of the trilogy to Behind the Lies is titled, One Came Back and was published in April of 2013.  Smiga encourages anyone who wishes to tell their story to write. His website is: It hosts all of his books and you can order an autographed copy from this site. He also has a blog which posts excerpts from his books and other items at:

Joe has been involved with Friends of Art Manchester for a long time.  While not a visual artist, he is a very creative person and his business expertise has been very valuable to the group.  He has facilitated many meetings for us.  Joe is married to our treasurer and blogger, Linda Feinberg. Five of his six books use Linda’s photography on the covers.

To read a review posted June 3, 2013 of his newest book: 
Other reviews for Joe’s books are also posted on

Joe’s books are also available for e-readers through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at his publisher’s site:  Joe's publisher

Art Note: We have new art up this month in the windows at Liberty Harbor Academy, 1230 Elm Street. This is the last month the windows will be available there.  We hope to have new sites soon.