Monday, May 25, 2015

June Challenge - Doors

What inspires you? We are testing out a challenge for the month of June.  Our first challenge topic is "Doors".  Please submit a sketch, painting, drawing, sculpture, photo, poem, music on this subject. To submit, post in the comments section below. If you can't copy your item, then post a link to a URL on the web where we can find it. There are no prizes, but we will be happy to give you credit on our blog.

We are pretty flexible with the topic, doors could also include gates, car doors, barn doors etc. Your "art" does not have to be from Manchester, it could be from anywhere, just try to stick to the topic. In July we'll have a different topic.

Places to look downtown -- the various churches have interesting doors, also NH Institute of Art, the city library, gates to the Valley Street Cemetery.

You do not have to be a member to submit your inspiration to this challenge, but of course, we would appreciate it if you would join us. The membership fee is only $5.00 annually and you can pay with the Paypal button on this site.

We look forward to seeing your work. You can include a couple of sentences too about what inspired you to create it. Please note that comments are moderated and will take a day or two to post.

Linda Feinberg, Treasurer
Friends of Art Manchester

To start off the challenge, here is an old Photoshopped picture of the front doors at NH Institute of Art: