Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trail Series - Linda Feinberg

Linda Feinberg is the Treasurer for Friends of Art Manchester and one of the original organizers of the group.

She is a hiker and loves living in New Hampshire with all its wonderful trails.  She has been working on a series of small acrylic trail paintings this past year. These are also posted at her website and can be ordered as prints or cards there. 

Fletcher Cascade Trail
This is the beginning of the trail to Fletcher Cascade in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The trail starts out easily enough, but then climbs and there is a stream crossing on the way up.  The cascades are waterfalls that go over a series of granite steps.  This hike was at the beginning of autumn, the trees just starting to turn.

Linda writes: “My thoughts on starting a trail series were varied. The trails can be appreciated for their innate beauty, or they can be thought of as a metaphor. We all walk on varied paths throughout our lives, some sad and sorrowful, others filled with joy.”
(Artist of the Month, March 2013, Manchester Artists Association)

View from Barrett Mountain
The painting on the right is the view from the trail on Barrett Mountain in southwestern New Hampshire. There were also some views from there towards Mount Monadnock, one of the most climbed mountains in the state.  This trail was much easier and a pleasant climb. It is part of a longer trail that runs north from Massachusetts and goes for many miles. 

Snowmobile Trail at Clark’s Pond
The snowmobile trail at Clark’s Pond in Auburn, New Hampshire follows the abandoned railroad bed for many miles. It is also used by many others, in winter for cross country skiers and snow shoeing. It is used in other seasons for cyclists, walkers and hikers.

Both sides of the pond have trails, but this painting was focused more on this winter trail.

Linda’s blog link is on the right.  She blogs about art, art process, poetry and her travels. Linda did not get to study art until late in life and is thoroughly enjoying her retirement now.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Photography by John Mitchell

The first photo is of Santa and a child at a community Christmas party in Manchester in 2007. It was shot on 35mm film with a Canon AE1 camera with a mounted flash attachment.

The second photo was shot in Concord, N.H. at the Smokestack Complex on North Main Street. The complex was once a gravestone carving company and the cameo was left behind when the company moved. The new owners mounted it above their front door. The photo was taken in the Spring of 2008. This photo was taken with the same AE1 camera using the outdoor light.

These photos were taken by John Mitchell a member of Friends of Art Manchester.  John was born in Maine and received his B.S. in Film and Radio Sound from the University of Oregon. John has lived in Manchester since 1984 and has been active in the arts community for several years.

To contact John Mitchell:

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Beautiful Winter Morning by Colleen O'Connor

A Beautiful Winter Morning was done with watered down acrylics on watercolor paper after Linda Feinberg shared her Stephen Quiller video with me (Acrylics the Watercolor Way: Stephen Quiller Paints a Landscape) and we used the technique with the students in my program (21st Century Community Learning Center at Henry J. McLaughlin, Jr. Middle School). (See photo in first blog post on this site to see what the students accomplished.)

I worked from a photo I took one morning when I went out ice fishing with "the boys" at Pillsbury State Park in Washington, NH. 

The second is of a few cards I whipped up this week. Not sure if they look that great... I like to use scraps from other projects, so even when the papers are the same, every card is different. 

The third photo is of some of my hand painted Easter eggs. Every year I blow the insides out and paint a unique egg for everyone in my family. None of the designs are planned, it's just what I feel like painting at the time. Although delicate, they can be completed rather quickly and I love the variety of my designs. 

Colleen is a teacher in Manchester with the 21st Century Community Learning Center at Henry J. McLaughlin, Jr. Middle School.  She is also looking for a full time art teacher position in the fall.

To contact Colleen O'Connor:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our posters are up

Our posters are up at Liberty Harbor Academy on Elm Street.  We will be able to put art in these windows next month too.  Unfortunately the school has to relocate, but hopefully they'll stay downtown. We hope to continue our good relationship with them.

We are pursuing other venues to host art as well. If you know of empty windows or walls, please contact us. We would love to work with you.