Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mural Finished!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Great job! This was a first time painting outdoors and on brick for many of us.

Photos above by Linda H. Feinberg

Our artists are continuing to paint outdoors. Many of them are working with the Eagle Eyes group painting a boat house on the west side.

Photos above by John Mitchell.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mural is almost done!

We had a great time working on the mural this past weekend.  We are hoping it will be all finished by next weekend. Great project!  And it was a delight to see Colleen O'Connor again, our original president who has moved out of the area.  She was in Manchester over the weekend, saw our group and borrowed brushes and paint to join in. Thank you, Colleen (photo below).

Bea Bearden jumped in when the opportunity arose. She loves to paint portraits and it appears flowers too.

Linda Feinberg (this blogger) with her first time painting on brick. Anthony Williams is a great coach and this was the first time painting on brick for several others too. Thank you to Bea for the two photos above.

Our newest artist, Shirley Perry. She has been a photographer for a long time and has just started painting lessons this year. She's not afraid to learn something new and loves it. Stop by the location and see how much she has finished now.

Don't forget, 48th Annual Art in the Park show September 20th, 2014 at Veterans Park in Manchester. This annual event is hosted by Manchester Artists Association.  If you sign up before July 31st, they are offering an early bird special to members of $50 per booth. Contact Dee Lessard for more information and an application: 603-661-8305 or by e-mail:
Application is also available online:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mural Painting In Progress

Our artists have started painting the mural at 720 Union Street, Manchester (between Harrison and Brook).

Lady Slippers by Rollande Rouselle

Scene on left by Eileen Belanger. Scene on right by Deb Curtin.

Turtle (middle panel) by Deb Funk. Unfinished fruit and vegetables by Shirley Perry.

Butterfly on left by Daniela Edstrom. Caterpillar on right by Anthony Williams.

Paintings on the theme of "Nature in the City" by Friends of Art Manchester. More paintings will be up next week.

Please note that Families in Transition will be having a reception on Thursday, August 7 to celebrate the new design updates at their Douglas Street Housing in Manchester. These updates include paintings by our artists. Please contact our treasurer, Linda Feinberg, if you would like an e-mailed invitation.