Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Presentation counts when you are trying to attract customers.  These beautiful paintings are by Aline Lotter. Notice the frames when you go to a gallery, art show or museum.  These are oil paintings and do not need glass.

Another example of frames. The two large paintings at the top are on "float" or "floater" frames. These are acrylic paintings by Linda Feinberg. Framing stretched canvases in this type of frame is easily accomplished with screws, a screwdriver and wire.  If you have been painting for a while, you know how expensive it is to frame your works (photography too).  There are courses available on framing and they are a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

Other frames in the example above are one with a linen type liner (the white looks a little like a mat) and a standard frame from a local store.

Watercolor and pastel paintings require a bit more work to frame, but look beautiful with a mat and glass. Even a simple pencil or pen sketch will become "professional" looking with a frame and more so with a mat and frame.  You can test this out easily by using a program like Photoshop (or even Microsoft Word) by adding a frame to your image.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Copying Tips for Artists

Methods for getting your initial drawing onto your paper or canvas.

Tracing methods:

You can use graphite pencil on the back of your paper, then place your paper on the canvas or paper and trace over the lines.  This will not work well if your background paper or canvas is a dark color. You can purchase “Saral” brand wax free transfer paper at a crafts store. Locally this is available at AC Moore in the Mall of NH.  They have rolls with gray, but also a small paper sampler pack with 1 each of white, graphite (gray), yellow, blue and red.  I tested out the white this week on a dark green background I had on my canvas and it worked well.  If you need to buy a full roll, these color papers are available online. I found this easily at The direct link:

As you can see from the photo below, the regular graphite (gray) does not show up well on a colored background.

As mentioned in the blog,, your photo or original needs to be the same size as your canvas for this to work.  To increase or decrease the size, you still need to prepare a grid.  It is easiest if you use a 1” to 2” ratio, or 1” to 3”.  Many of these prepared grids are available at art stores.  To make an unusual size, say ¾” to 1” or 2”, you will need to draw your own grid.  This is actually quite easy, but tedious.  You can prepare a grid with a marker pen on tracing paper, place it over your photo or drawing. Then mark off your canvas in the correct ratio and draw onto it. If your initial photo or drawing is larger than the standard size paper, you will probably have to tape two sheets together to make a larger grid. If you plan on using this grid several times, you might want to buy a heavier grade of tracing paper.

I would suggest not following the exact pattern unless you are trying to be very realistic. Use your own artistic vision and just get the basic shapes on the canvas with grid or tracing paper. Fill in the shapes with your own technique and make the image your own.
For a free tool on how to use the grid method:

Thanks to Eileen Belanger, we have sold three of the boxes that were painted by our artists for our fall fundraiser.  I will be picking up the rest next week and they will be available for purchase at my studio.  I will also have them at my table when I do craft fairs in November and December.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to purchase a box.
Linda Feinberg, Treasurer, Artist and Blogger

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More boxes for sale

Loved these covers. Left to right, boxes by Frank Moulin, Anthony Williams, Rollande Rousselle.

Another view, showing the sides as well. Left to right, boxes by Frank Moulin, Anthony Williams, Rollande Rousselle and Shirley Perry.

Boxes will be on sale this weekend in New Boston at the Annual Ciderfest
24 Francestown Road
New Boston New Hampshire 03070