Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Project Updates

Finished paintings are coming in now for our project with Families in Transition. This one is by our Vice President, Anthony Williams.

I'm sure FIT will be happy with this horse. Painting by our President, Colleen O'Connor.

Two other paintings were posted earlier, on August 27th.

Our last project, the meters on Elm Street, has raised over $300 for New Horizons. That will pay for about 100 dinners.  Pat Long, the downtown alderman who initiated the project has ordered additional signage to be attached to the posts so people will be clear on why those meters are there. We've received lots of positive feedback on the meters.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Local Inspiration for Artists

Photos of Dorrs Pond by John Mitchell

Photos taken with 35 mm Cannon AE1

These photos were taken by John Mitchell a member of Friends of Art Manchester.  John was born in Maine and received his B.S. in Film and Radio Sound from the University of Oregon. John has lived in Manchester since 1984 and has been active in the arts community for several years.

Contact info: John Mitchell jacatols1@hotmail.com

Paintings of Dorrs Pond by Linda Feinberg

Acrylic painting of fall and the Dorrs Pond boatramp.

Dorrs Pond is located at Livingston Park in Manchester. The walk around the pond is about 1 mile.  There is a playground at the park for children and benches to rest on.  It is an easy walk.

This painting is also acrylic of fall at the pond. There are usually ducks there (mallards). Sometimes I see herons and Canada geese there too. (Also frogs and turtles.)

This one is watercolor, pen and ink.  The pondhouse as seen from the bridge over the pond.

While these three paintings are of the fall, the pond has beautiful views to paint or photograph in any season. There are beautiful flowering trees in the spring, interesting snow and ice shapes on the ice in the winter; Lovely reflections in the water in the summer. It is a good place to visit and be inspired.

Contact info: lhfeinberg@yahoo.com

To view full screen photos, just click on them.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aline Lotter - Plein Air Painter

Aline Lotter is a plein aire painter and has submitted these four images that got her accepted into the upcoming (Sept 27-29) Blackstone Valley Plein Air Festival.  

Aline has recently retired from her law practice and we hope she has more time to enjoy painting and blogging. She also does studio painting. Her blog is currently focusing on nudes: http://paintingsbyaline.wordpress.com/

Blog post by Aline Lotter:

"Musicians at the Farmers Market" was painted on Marco Island, Florida, last February.  We needed shade and the people in charge wouldn't let us use the communal tent to paint in, because they had some artists who bought space for tents of their own.  We found some tree shade, but it was outside the venue, all the way behind the musicians.  Ok, we made the best of it!

"Apples Ready to Pick" was painted at Mack's Apples in Londonderry.  It was part of an International Plein Air Painters weekend.  The painting has been very successful, winning spots in juried exhibitions and even an award.

"Strawberry Field" is the most recent of this group.  I painted it last May in the course of the Bartlett Artists Getaway weekend.  That field between me and Cathedral Ledge is a strawberry field, and lies to the west of North Conway.  It has not been exhibited yet.

The last is the smallest and perhaps the oldest:  "Wentworth by the Sea" from the rear was painted as part of some organized event, and was shown for the rest of the summer by the McGowan Gallery in the Wentworth Coolidge gallery space.  I've always thought it one of my best, yet, like the rest, it remains unsold.

To contact Aline:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Paul Davidson - Musician & Artist

 When he's not performing, writing, or recording his music and others, you can find Paul Davidson with pen and paper making elaborate drawings of his perception of Life. Starting back in high school, doodling on books became commonplace for Paul and now have taken on a larger form. They now encompass full canvases with hours/days of work. Full of metaphors and symbolism, one can't just view a single picture in a single moment - one has to dig into the depth to understand any meaning.

 Only recently Paul has added more color in his art. Using Watercolors, Acrylics, Spray Paint or just about anything with color, he composes ideas that free form in his head to unique designs on canvas and walls. 

With all this creative juice going on Paul has also created an eclectic Art and Music production called, The OBE Show. It's a collaboration of musicians, artists, metaphysics, food, drink and good spirits. Each person usually leaves with a shared experience and a heightened awareness of oneself through the senses.

For more information on Paul Davidson

                             E-Mail - iampaulsmail@yahoo.com
                             Him - https://www.facebook.com/paul.davidson.3914
                             His Art - https://www.facebook.com/PauliArt
                             His Music - https://www.facebook.com/mindsetx
                             His Show - https://www.facebook.com/TheO.B.E.Show