Thursday, January 29, 2015

Call for Artists

At the Derry Public Library we have a considerable wall space with a professional hanging system in place, and we feature the work of a different artist every month.  We also have a locked display showcase with 3 shelves.  I am always looking for great new art work to share with the community and wonder if any of you would consider hanging or displaying your work here?  Several artists could also share the space for a month.  Depending on size, there is potential for around 17 to 20 pictures to be hung.

The only month I have already booked for this year is February.  I’ll attach our Exhibit Policy which might answer other questions you have.  Otherwise of course you could email me directly.

Thank you very much for considering displaying in our space!

Susan S. Brown
Assistant Director
Head of Reference
Derry Public Library
64 E. Broadway
Derry, NH 03038
Ph: 603-432-6140
Fax: 603-432-6128

Derry Public Library
Approved 2/12/07, 7/21/14

The Derry Public Library seeks to provide information for its residents in their pursuit of academic, personal and recreational interests.  The library provides a limited amount of wall and showcase space for non-commercial use by the public for displays of an educational, historical, art or hobby nature.

Organizations, schools, and individuals wishing to utilize the Library for an exhibit must first consult with the appropriate contact person listed below who will determine the relevance of, the conditions for, and the availability of suitable space for the exhibit. The Library Director (in consultation with the Trustees if necessary) has final say in any unusual circumstances.

EXHIBIT SPACE                                                              CONTACT PERSON
Adult level (“large”) locked showcase                             Head of Adult Services/YA
Adult level wall display spaces                                         Head of Adult Services/YA
Children’s level locked display case                                Head of Children’s Services
Children’s level shelf-top display
 (NOTE: no security is provided for this space)             Head of Children’s Services
All other spaces not normally scheduled must be requested and discussed with the Director.

1.       Library initiated exhibits will be given priority

2.       Preference is given to local (Derry) exhibitors over others.

3.       Exhibits are scheduled for one calendar month. Installation should be completed within the first two or three open days of the month, by arrangement with the contact person. Removal must be prompt, on or by the last open day of the month.

4.       All exhibits must be appropriate and suitable for a mixed public audience. All items must be presentation ready (framed and ready to hang, etc.)

5.       Each exhibitor is responsible for hanging or displaying his/her own exhibit, and for providing all necessary materials, signage, display racks, etc. for organizing the exhibit. The Library may provide use of bar hangers for wall displays to use in conjunction with the installed hanging system. Ladders are available. No nails or screws may be placed in the walls. No book display racks are provided.

6.       The Library does not assume financial liability for injury, loss or damage. Since the exhibit may not be supervised, exhibitors should consider the possibility of providing private insurance if security is a concern.  In advance of setting up any display of loaned materials, exhibitors must sign a waiver of liability holding the Library, its employees and trustees, and the Town of Derry harmless for any injury resulting from the installation of the exhibit, or for any damage to or loss of loaned material.

7.       Publicity is the responsibility of the exhibitor unless the exhibit is co-sponsored by the Library. The Library may elect to publicize exhibits on its web site and/or in other ways, but this is not guaranteed. (Permission to photograph and use images from the exhibit for publicity is assumed granted by the agreement to exhibit.)

8.       Exhibitors may not schedule special openings or other events without the permission (in writing) from the Director. All arrangements must be approved by the Director at least two weeks prior to the event and must conform to other Library policies.

9.       No prices may be posted on the items on exhibit, nor may an admission fee be charged. A price list with contact information may be placed near the exhibit. Transactions for the purchase of an exhibit item shall be directly between the purchaser and the exhibitor. No sales may be made on the premises without express permission from the Trustees, which must be arranged no less than one month before the exhibit. No exhibit material which is sold during its display in the Library may be removed before the end of the exhibition period.

10.    Consideration will be given to new exhibitors over those who exhibited within the last 12 month period.

11.    Granting of permission to use Library facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the Library staff, the Library trustees, or the Town of Derry, of the content of the exhibit, the materials, or of the exhibitior(s).

12.    Failure to abide by these requirements could result in denial of further requests to make use of Library exhibit spaces, and/or immediate termination of the exhibit.

Derry Public Library

Exhibit Application and Waiver of Liability


This agreement is made the __________ day of ____________, _________ by and between the Derry Public Library and __________________________________ (Lender).

1. That the Lender wishes to loan to the Library _________________________________________ to be exhibited for one calendar month.

2. That the Lender understands that his/her materials are loaned, installed, and exhibited at his/her own risk and that neither the Library Director, Library staff, The Library Board of Trustees, nor the Town of Derry shall be responsible for theft, vandalism, fire or other damage to the exhibit.

3.  That the Lender will not bring any action against and shall hold the Library employees, the Library Director, the Library Board of Trustees, and the Town of Derry its agents and/or employees, harmless for any damage to the material loaned.

Cara Barlow, Director, Derry Public Library

____________________________________   ________________________________________
(Lender)                                                                    (DPL)

Exhibitor(s): ___________________________________________________________________
Phone:  _________________   E-mail:____________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Brief description of content of exhibit: _____________________________________________________________________________
I wish to exhibit for the month of _______________, (year)______________.  I agree to install the exhibit by the end of the second business day of the month and remove the exhibit by the end of the last business day of the month.

[ ] Adult level wall display  (Approximate number of pieces: ________)
[ ] Adult level locked showcase display
[ ] Children’s level locked showcase display
[ ] Children’s level open shelving display (NOTE: no security is provided!)
                [ ] Special arrangements:  please describe:
                [ ] The Library will not provide any opening reception. If you wish to hold a reception or other special           event in connection with this exhibit, you must have permission from the Director.
            ( Director authorization for above:_______________________________________, date________________)
No prices may be visible in the display(s). A separate price list with your contact information may be left at the desk for patrons to view. We suggest that your price list be easy to coordinate with the items (i.e. by numbers or titles.) All sales are between you and the purchaser, and must be handled off Library premises.

Will you be selling any items? _____ yes    _____ no                  Please describe or attach price list.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Webster House Winter Project

Artwork by Christina Burke-Gagnon (Tina Gagnon)

The proposals/sketches/photos are coming in for our winter project. We will be discussing these at our annual meeting on Jan. 21st (see the Jan. 2nd posting on this blog for more information).  We will be choosing four designs for the 4' x 5' panels at Webster House and possibly some alternatives in case our top four picks are not acceptable for some reason or other.  Please take a few minutes to look at all the photos and come to the meeting with your suggestions and comments.

Four beautiful designs by Deb Funk (above)

Two sketches (above) by Eileen Belanger. I can imagine them in color easily having seen Eileen's paintings in the past.

Sketch by Anthony Williams (our top muralist!). Looks like he's really thinking.....

Urban scenes from Manchester, NH, bridge and river studies by our blogger, Linda Feinberg. That's the Merrimack River flowing through our interesting city.

And finally, some suggestions by Lou Catano, director of Webster House. We could make a variation of any of these. I don't know who the original artist is so we wouldn't be able to copy without permission (copyright issues), but we can certainly do something similar.

These are the submissions that came in by the deadline. If there are a few more ideas, they will be added to this post if possible, or shown at the meeting.  Hope everyone has a creative and artistic weekend.

To view the pictures in full, just click on them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Exhibit and Reception Jan. 17, 2015

Several of our members have paintings on exhibit at the Audubon Center.  While the reception is this Saturday, the paintings will be up until the middle of February.

For directions and more information to the center:

There are hiking, cross country ski and snowshoe trails at the center. There is no fee to use the trails.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will be on Wed. Jan. 21, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.  Please RVSP to our treasurer, Linda Feinberg, We will be buying some refreshments and will need a head count.

Meeting agenda:

1. Welcome from President
2. Treasurer’s Report
3. Election of Officers
4. Report on Completed Projects for 2014
5. Discussion on Projects for 2015
6. Collection of Annual Dues
7. New Business

If you would like a copy of our Bylaws before the meeting, please let Linda know. She will send you a PDF file.

We have seven artists committed for our Webster House project. Sketches are due to Linda by January 15th and will be discussed at the annual meeting.  We will need to confirm everything so that we can buy the materials and start painting. If you don't paint, but would like to assist us, we will need help with photographing our final paintings and with hanging them.

To recap for those of you who have not been following the information:
Webster House has asked us to prepare paintings for 4 rooms.  We are researching the cost and possibility of doing 4' x 5' canvas panels.  These could hang from dowels or we could use grommets. (If you have experience with this, please let us know. We need your knowledge.) Webster House has been providing a safe supportive home for children in need since 1884. 

Suggestions for paintings include:
Girls area - animals, nature
Boys lounge - sports, music
Dining room - NH scene, nature
Conference room - urban scene, nature

Dues remain at $5.00 annually and may be paid online with Paypal button on this site, or you may bring cash or check to the meeting.

Photo of winter sunset by Joe Smiga. Happy New Year.