Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer Art

Please contact our president, Stephanie Byrd if you are interested in doing a group booth.  We have a tent.

Anthony Williams is painting this eagle, sponsored by Easter Seals for the Veterans Count group. Sylvester was checking the eagle out before Anthony started painting.  He hopes to finish the painting this week and says it was more difficult than it looked.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

New work from our members

On a wintry spring day, it was great to receive these photos from Debbie Curtin. I asked our members to send in some new work and she was the first one to respond.  Debbie had prepared these paintings for a class she was going to teach, then her class was canceled due to snow.  I feel sorry for her students. These are great paintings to learn from. Thanks, Debbie for submitting. These paintings are done with exterior house paint on luan plywood sealed with polyacrylic.

Meanwhile, I was tired of painting landscapes and decided to have some fun with abstracts based on Chihuly's glass sculptures.  I had taken photos of his sculptures when they were on exhibit in Boston a few years ago. These are acrylic paintings on stretched canvas, 11" X 14", by Linda H. Feinberg.

If spring ever gets here to NH, we have several mural projects to work on, primarily garage doors on Litchfield Lane.  I am looking forward to that and have submitted a proposal based on another fun painting I did in a Van Gogh style.  There are many free videos online and I followed one to create this image.

I think this would look great on Litchfield Lane.  While I will be moving to Idaho at the end of the summer, this blog will continue.  You can submit your information to me as usual until I move, then to our president, Stephanie Byrd at any time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Friends of Art Manchester will be held Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. Annual dues will be collected at that time.

For location and directions, please contact Linda Feinberg at

Agenda for the Meeting:

1.    Roll Call. Collection of $5 annual dues
2.    Reading of the Minutes of the preceding meeting.
3.    Election of officers.
4.    Reports of Officers.
5.    Old and Unfinished Business.
6.    New Business. Spring projects.
7.    Adjournment

We have a number of murals we are planning to do for the spring, so please consider joining us.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Garage Door Murals

Stephanie Byrd painted a garage door interior at EFX Fitness in Manchester.
The image was laid out in PowerPoint, projected onto the pre-painted door, traced, and freehand painted using indoor/outdoor black semi-gloss paint that the customer provided.
There are other walls in the gym that she has painted inspirational quotes on. Some walls are brick and others are textured plaster. The walls had also been pre-painted which made the mural very easy to complete. Working with the client to decide size, placement, and color of the approved artwork is part of the process to be sure of a successful outcome.

This is an example of work that Friends of Art Manchester enjoys doing!

Reminder: Our annual meeting will be held January 17, 2017. Details to follow in next post. Please consider joining us. Our membership fee is only $5 per year and we have some good projects lined up for the spring.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Garage Door Mural

Great mural by new member James Chase. He is an instructor at NH Institute of Art and submitted a proposal for this garage door on Old Granite Street. You can check out more of his work at his website:

Anthony Williams also submitted more of his paintings and photos for this blog.
This is his version of surrealism. The painting is very large, about 4' x 4'.

The project for the city on the utility boxes has been completed. It was sponsored by Brady Sullivan companies and they get to advertise on the box.  Anthony painted Weston Tower on one side of the box at the corner of Amherst and Pine Streets.

These daffodils are on the reverse side of the seagulls painting.

Repairs of the mural are finished and look great. The two Debbies were happy to work on it.

Our next meeting is this week, Wed. October 26th. For details or if you would like to join us, contact our treasurer, Linda Feinberg.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mural Repairs

Repairs have been completed on the garage door murals on Litchfield Lane. Unfortunately the substrate keeps peeling. This is the second time our group has repaired these murals.

Our artists at work, Anthony Williams, Deb Funk and Deb Curtin.

Great job, guys! Now we need to find some indoor murals to do for the winter months. :)