Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Thoughts

Your House

I like the time
spent at your house.
The most fun was
when we walked
in your garden.

We adjusted the
sprinklers, and
got wet doing it.

And the grass
thanked us by
coming up
even greener-
next morning.

The meals were good too.
The roast was
the best.
And the broiled potatoes?
The finest
I've ever had.

When will you
invite me back?

I want to see
your grass and
flowers again-
eat from your big table
the sweet meats
and fruits so fine-
picked right off
your pear tree.

Poem and photos by John Mitchell
Photos from The Smoke Stack Complex, taken with 35mm Cannon AE-1 camera with 70 mm lens in June 2007. Thank you, John.


Just a note: Priming has started on the wall at 720 Union Street. Murals to start soon.

Monday, June 9, 2014

City Hall Gallery-final month

This is the last month for the exhibit by our members at City Hall. Hope you enjoy the photos. Of course, the originals are much better so you should go see them while you have the chance. It is difficult to photograph photos and paintings under glass (unless you have professional equipment).

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life on a Star

Out of Portsmouth Harbor we motored on the fishing vessel, Perseverance. It was my fifth year as a volunteer on Star island in the Isle of Shoals. This year my two sisters went along for the adventure. A full weekend of chores was in store for us in our assigned tasks of cleaning, and gardening.

The Oceanic hotel has been in operation since back in the days before electricity. It still evokes another era as one of the grand dames of period architecture - graceful staircases, wainscoting and a general ambiance of class in all the details. The chapel is the central building of about six other stone ones. It was once used with multiple purposes as general store, meeting house and storage.

The island has a religious past as a retreat and still is supported in this mission. It has become a successful place for many people to get away for a weekend, engage in one of the many workshops offered or just be. Elegant in one sense but simple in another. The place has nothing you would expect but everything you hope for - quiet solitude, the wind and water, friendships to be made, a moment or two for reflection in our hurry up world. It is always with dedication we give our time to keep this wonderful place going. And did I mention the food? Upscale like you wouldn't believe for an island where everything has to be brought in. They are going green in many ways but the upkeep is constant. I was taken off my assignments when they found out about the one task I could do and I spent the rest of my time prepping old window frames with a heat gun, removing broken glass, adding new panes, points then glaze. I loved it!

Guest post and photos today by member Deborah Curtin.  Thank you for this information and the photos.