Saturday, April 1, 2017

New work from our members

On a wintry spring day, it was great to receive these photos from Debbie Curtin. I asked our members to send in some new work and she was the first one to respond.  Debbie had prepared these paintings for a class she was going to teach, then her class was canceled due to snow.  I feel sorry for her students. These are great paintings to learn from. Thanks, Debbie for submitting. These paintings are done with exterior house paint on luan plywood sealed with polyacrylic.

Meanwhile, I was tired of painting landscapes and decided to have some fun with abstracts based on Chihuly's glass sculptures.  I had taken photos of his sculptures when they were on exhibit in Boston a few years ago. These are acrylic paintings on stretched canvas, 11" X 14", by Linda H. Feinberg.

If spring ever gets here to NH, we have several mural projects to work on, primarily garage doors on Litchfield Lane.  I am looking forward to that and have submitted a proposal based on another fun painting I did in a Van Gogh style.  There are many free videos online and I followed one to create this image.

I think this would look great on Litchfield Lane.  While I will be moving to Idaho at the end of the summer, this blog will continue.  You can submit your information to me as usual until I move, then to our president, Stephanie Byrd at any time.

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